Alternate sites for a connecting passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans

by Samuel Jose Pena

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This thesis is a geotechnical engineering report which includes a topographical profile at three propitious locations across the American continent for the construction of an interoceanic passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Surficial soils as well as the general topography of the centerline of the alignments were investigated to the extent possible and an attempt was made to investigate underlying strata. Some information is illustrated graphically to allow an appreciation of the physical irregularities and a rough approximation for the type and extent of excavation required. Although other alternatives exist, this thesis considers only to 3 locations: Mexico, across the Tehuantepec Isthmus, and following the course of the Coatzacoalcos River as closely as possible; Nicaragua, along its border with Costa Rica and using lake Nicaragua and the San Juan River as the main bodies of water; and Colombia, in the vicinity of the Colombia-Panama border using the Atrato River as the main body of water. The majority of the information was gathered from available geological reports and topographic maps. Some of the data for the Nicaraguan and Colombian routes was compared with information published in a study by the Atlantic-Pacific Interoceanic Canal Study Commission (1970). Engineering geology; Site selection; Canals/waterways.

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Book reviews. Atlantic Simon Winchester Review by John T. Slania. November Only Simon Winchester, the best-selling author of The Professor and the Madman and Krakatoa, would have the tenacity and the talent to tackle a biography of the Atlantic Ocean. A modern-day Melville. Pacific Ocean: Atlantic Ocean. 1. I is he largest of all oceans and covers one-third of the ear's surface. 1. It is the second largest. 2. It is surrounded by continents Asia, Australia, North America, and South America. 2. It has the continents of North and South America on the western side and Europe and Africa on the eastern side/5(3). The Panama Canal is a waterway connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, cut through the narrow neck of land connecting the continents of North and South America. It is the solution of the problem of international commerce that became acute in when the Eastern Roman Empire fell before the assaults of the Turks, and the land routes to.   Islands were decorated with Palm or coconut trees. The Pacific is Calm, Clear, beautifully Sky Blue and Happy. The Atlantic seems to be forever churning and stirring as if agitated and unpleasnt. The waters always look dirty, and filled with crap of some kind. The Atlantic is angry and dirty and smelly.

The Best Views in Costa Rica The Summit of Irazú Volcano (near San José): On a very clear day, you can see both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea from this vantage point. Even if visibility is low and this experience eludes you, you can view the volcano's spectacular landscape, the Meseta Central, and the Orosi Valley. The five oceans, from the largest to the smallest are as follows, Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean Indian Ocean Antarctic Ocean Arctic Ocean Do I Capitalize Ocean? Lowercase “ocean” standing alone or in plural uses. For example, There was a storm coming across the ocean. There was a storm coming across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.   The Atlantic Ocean is the second-largest of the world's oceanic divisions. With a total area of about ,, square kilometres (41,, sq mi), it covers approximately twenty percent of the Earth's surface and about twenty-six percent of its water surface area. An analogy, though imperfect because there are many other factors, is a comparison between Panama and the Drake Passage off the south tip of Chile, which has a west-east flow. (The flow in the Drake Passage is primarily wind-driven, but Pacific-Atlantic density must play some role.).

  In OTL, we have three major countries that span the North American continent from the Pacific to the Atlantic (well, technically, Costa Rica and Panama count too, but they're not major in any sense of the word). Your challenge, with a POD no earlier than , is to ensure that no polity in. Northwest Passage, historical sea passage of the North American continent. It represents centuries of effort to find a route westward from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean through the Arctic Archipelago of what became Canada. The quest for the passage was one of the world’s severest maritime. Atlantic is a biography of a tremendous space that has been central to the ambitions of explorers, scientists, and warriors, and continues profoundly to affect our character, attitudes, and dreams. Simon Winchester makes the Atlantic come vividly alive. Spanning the ocean’s story from its geological origins to the age of exploration—covering the Vikings, the Irish, the Basques, John Cited by: 7.   Atlantic Ocean: 1. Atlantic Ocean is spread between Europe and eastern coast of America. 2. It appears green in colour. 3. It has stronger ocean currents. 4. It has served to be an important sea route for trade in the earlier centuries and has contributed for the discovery of America. 5. It is deeper than Pacific ocean. 6.

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Alternate sites for a connecting passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans profile at three propitious locations across the American continent for the construction of an interoceanic passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Surficial soils as well as the general topography of the centerline of the alignments were investigated Pages: lane canal, adequate for supertanker passage, which would join the Andaman Sea in the west with the Gulf of Thai­ land. The canal would shorten the route between the In­ dian and Pacific Oceans.

By the end of January, the par­ liamentary committee is expected to pass a mandate for a government-commissioned full feasibility on the propos­ al. SHIP CANAL TO CONNECT THE ATLANTIC & PACIFIC OCEANS Paperback – May 9, by Books Group (Author) See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions.

Price New from Used from Paperback, May 9, "Please retry" First published: 09 May, Learn Waterway connecting Atlantic and Pacific Oceans with free interactive flashcards. Choose from 87 different sets of Waterway connecting Atlantic and Pacific Oceans flashcards on Quizlet.

Original Question — What is the difference between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. There are numerous important distinctions, but the big ones are size, depth, shape and location. * The Pacific Ocean is larger and deeper (both significantly so.

The Southern Ocean contains the waters that surround Antarctica and sometimes is considered an extension of Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Inthe first edition of the International Hydrographic Organization's (IHO) Limits of Oceans and Seas publication included the Southern Ocean around Antarctica.

The Southern Ocean was delineated by land-based limits - the. A Two-Way Relationship Between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Researchers have uncovered a new connection between sea surface temperatures in the Author: Brendan Bane.

Why the Atlantic has net evaporation is a deeper question several hypothesis have been proposed 1) the effect of large mountain ranges (Himalayas) steers the large scale winds 2) the fact that the Atlantic extends further north and is well-connected with the Arctic ocean, and/or the Asian monsoon contributes to the North Pacific freshwater input.

The Northwest Passage is a sea route that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. This route is a collection of arctic waterways around the Canadian mainland, and it is along the coast of North America.

This route was known but not used previously because it was covered by thick ice year-round. Pacific gray whales were recorded in the Atlantic, swimming off of the coast of Israel and Africa. And the Manx shearwater, a bird native to Author: Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato.

Roald Amundsen. In a three year journey between andAmundsen explored the passage with a crew of no more than six, in the converted ton herring boat Gjøa.

Spending winters with ship trapped in ice, he learned from the local Netsilik people about Arctic survival skills that would later prove useful. For example, he learned to use sled dogs and to wear. The Nicaraguan Canal (Spanish: Canal de Nicaragua), formally the Nicaraguan Canal and Development Project (also referred to as the Nicaragua Grand Canal, or the Grand Interoceanic Canal) was a proposed shipping route through Nicaragua to connect the Caribbean Sea (and therefore the Atlantic Ocean) with the Pacific ists were concerned about the End point: Bluefields.

Start studying Social Studies Chapter 3 Test. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. How would a waterway connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans be helpful to Europeans.

A waterway that connected the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans would help Europeans reach Asia faster. This would help with trade. What do you really know about the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

What are their similarities. Differences. Remembering that energy from the sun causes differential heating on Earth, students will be analyzing real-time data from the East Coast (SECOORA) and West Coast (NANOOS) to compare these two oceans. Here are all the __ Canal connect the Atlantic and Pacific oceans answers.

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Some of the worlds are: Planet Earth, Under The Sea, Inventions, Seasons, Continue reading ‘__. Using as his central pillar a Shakespearean monologue from As You Like It that lists the seven stages of a mans life, Simon Winchester offers us the life of an ocean. He covers a very wide swath in his examination of that very un-pacific Atlantic.

Beginning with big-picture geology, he looks at the infant Atlantic and gives a preview of what the world will look like /5.

The students will learn about world geography. They will learn to identify the four major oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Arctic) and the seven continents (Asia, File Size: 1MB.

ships between oceanic SST variability and hydrologic variability in regions outside the continental United States. Uvo et al. [] applied SVD to evaluate Pacific and Atlantic Ocean SSTs and northeast Brazilian precipitation.

The Pacific and Atlantic Oceans were evaluated indepen-dently using both a simultaneous and lagged approach. Full text of "Observations on the passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans [microform]: in two memoirs on the Straits of Anian, and two discoveries of de Fonte, dedicated by a new and original map: to which is prefixed an historical abridgement of discoveries in the north of America" See other formats.

Differences between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Item # Results from Item # Pacific: Atlantic: Plate Tectonics: 1-Ringed with trenches: Few trenches: 2: 1: Little continental rise: Large opening (North Atlantic) to Arctic: Few tropical marginal seas: Tropical margnial seas (Caribbean, Mediterranean).

Annual mean area-averaged ERA-Interim () surface water fluxes in 10 • latitude bands for the (a) Atlantic, (b) Pacific and (c) Indian oceans with Dai. The Pacific and Atlantic oceans were separated by a giant landmass once, but new fossil dating reveals that they merged about 41 million years ago, millions of years earlier than some scientists Author: Sara Goudarzi.

A new study shows that difference in water temperature between the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans together with global warming impact the risk of drought and wildfire in southwestern North America. Deep-,Sea i~L.~eareh,Vo[.

7, pp. to Pergt~mon Press Ltd., London. Printed in Great lh'itain On the temperature, salinity, and density differences between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in the upper kilometre* JOSEPH L.

REID, Jr. Scripps Institution of Oceanography (Received 26 May ) Abstract--The surface of the Pacific Ocean stands about 40 cm Cited by: Without timely, detailed, long range passage weather routing, sufficient to make needed course changes early, the weather will win every time.

A skipper using Ocean-Pro Weather Routing with the best weather tools available can put the odds back in the skippers favor. If you were a trout, you could choose between swimming down one stream to the Pacific Ocean, or down the other to the Atlantic.

The place is known as Two Ocean Pass, and the exact spot is. Panama Canal, which provides access between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, creating an all-water link between the Far East and the East Coast of North America. The Panama Canal is currently being widened and deepened to accommodate much larger vessels than those which can currently transit the canal.

When completed inthe canal will be ableFile Size: 19KB. Solid set of essays by novelist and London Review of Books contributor O'Hagan, ranging from his violent Glaswegian father and pious Catholic Grandmother, a tourist excursion on a sewage sludge boat, E,M.

Forster, Hurricane Katrina, the lives of two soldiers--one British, one American--who died on one day in Iraq, the sale of Marilyn Monroe relics at auction, the Israeli /5. Atlantic Ocean - Atlantic Ocean - Study and exploration: Advances in archaeological study have strengthened claims by many scholars that various seafaring peoples of the Mediterranean ventured into the open Atlantic before bc and engaged in some transatlantic voyages perhaps as early as ad Nevertheless, substantial debate continues over the extent and scope of.

Atlantic Ocean: 1. Atlantic Ocean is spread between Europe and eastern coast of America. It appears green in color. It has stronger ocean currents. It has served to be an important sea route for trade in the earlier centuries and has contributed for the discovery of America.

It is deeper than Pacific ocean. I'm not sure of the height difference between the Pacific & Atlantic Oceans, but there are areas in each ocean that are higher than others. This difference in ocean topography within each basin are caused by maximum & minima of water temperatures (and depth of the thermocline) and wind effects.

On Aug she slipped her moorings and started a month-long voyage through the Northwest Passage with over 1, passengers and crew onboard. This is an important milestone to us. The impact of climate change has now ushered in an era where a luxury cruise ship is able to sail from the North Pacific to the Atlantic via the fabled Northwest.comparison to the tropical South Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans.

This memorandum presents compiled island and ocean rainfall data, sources, and some calculations useful in such a comparison and briefly discusses the results.

2. DATA Tables 1, 2, and 3 list the annual mean measured rainfall for selected.